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Green Day Sims

are love beyond reality

Green Day Sims ♥
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So most of you have heard about Sims. Well, this is a community for those Green Day fans who love to make their Sims look like Billie Joe, Mike & Tre, and love the make them do naughty things. You don't necessarily have to like to make them do stuff together, but it's mostly for that purpose that this community was created.

Now onto the Rules. They are pretty simple, so they shouldn't be hard to keep, but if for some reason you can't do so, you will get one warning, and if you continue to break the rules you'll be banned from this community.

1. Respect the mods, they are the shit, and if it wasn't for them, there would be no greenday_sims
2. Respect the other members, we don't want any drama, if you have a problem with another member, go somewhere else, don't fight here.
3. If you don't like us, get out, don't start shit, because like we said, we don't want shit.
4. Always use an lj-cut when posting pictures, if you don't know how see below.
5. Must be atleast 14 or older, sorry we don't want virgin eyes or ears here.
6. This is the last rule, and probably easiest to follow, have fun, post pictures, stories, anything, but it must be related to Sims and Green Day, we don't care what you do with your other sims, this is for Green Day Sims. It's not that hard.
7. Credit For anything you get from here, icons, banners, colorbars layouts, anything. Just credit.

Current Members
1. Follow the all-around rules, be extra careful about what you say, and do, one wrong move could get you removed.
2. We may or may not ask you to fullfill the duties of a mod, if one of us are sick we may ask for help, so be prepared
3. STAY ACTIVE. Promote this community, spread the word, after this we plan on ruling the world.
4. Be polite, if a new member joins that you don't like, just be civil, no name calling. ♥

New Members
1. Introduce yourself using the application given below.
2. Be polite to the existing members.
3. Promote us, atleast once, make sure the community allows it, try not to draw negative attention towards us.
4. In the app. the answer to question number 6 is and must be Penguins so we know you read the rules

How to do an lj-cut
<*lj-cut text="THE TITLE OF YOUR CUT HERE"*>
Whatever you want behind/under the cut
See not so hard.

Your Moderators and Maintainers
These are the lovely people who came up with this community.
80_take_me_away Sarah.
idiedinmydreamz Heather.
Respect them, they are the shit, and they have authority over you here. Don't be a little dumbass.

You will not be voted on, this is just to help you introduce yourself.